College Recruiting Resources

Here are a few resources to look at if you are interested in playing college lacrosse:

1. US Lacrosse Recruiting Guidebook

This guide includes: Facts and figures on scholarships, a college checklist, NCAA Guidelines and rules for recruiting and other good info for parents.

2. Lacrosse Recruits Recruiting Guide

This guide was developed by It includes info about the recruiting process, pitfalls to avoid, info on creating a profile, action steps to take and a timeline.

Please know that is a company that can assist in the process for a fee. Depew Lacrosse Club, Inc. neither promotes nor discourages your contact with As always, we encourage you to understand what you are getting at what cost and to be an educated consumer.

3. The College Athletic Recruiting Process

This resource includes: Tips on video tapes, roles and responsibilities (players, parents, coaches, school counselors), action plan, sports resume and some additional key information that is important in the process.

4. NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

Everything you need to know about the rules and regulations of the NCAA as well as eligibility requirements. A must-read for prospective players and parents.


From the Trenches
Real-life experiences from actual student-athletes from

Recruiting U
A 10-part series of articles published in Lacrosse Magazine in 2008-09 about the recruiting process.

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