Depew Lacrosse Club Policies

Waiver, Health, and Insurance

Policy: All players must completely fill out the Waiver, Health, and Insurance forms and return to Depew Lacrosse Club prior to participation in any program. Forms will be kept on file with the club for one year and forms must be filled out on a yearly basis. Forms are made available online.


Policy: No refund will be given to players who quit or leave any program. Refunds will only be allowed when a condition exists that does not allow a player to participate. An appeal in writing may be made to the Board. These situations will be reviewed and voted on by the Board of Directors.


Policy: All sponsorship funds are for the greater good of the club. No sponsorship funds go towards an individual or any individualís Depew Lacrosse Club expense.

Concussion Protocol

Policy: When a player is diagnosed with a concussion by a Certified Trainer or a medical doctor, the player will not be allowed to continue playing in that game or practice or any other game or practice until a doctor's written release has been submitted to the Depew Lacrosse Club, Inc. The medical release must be given to one of the Board Directors, or the Head Coach of the team at the first game or practice in which the player has been cleared to play. No release = No play.

Return from Injury/Illness

Policy: When a player is unable to practice or play in games due to injury or illness for five consecutive days or more, the player is required to provide a doctor's written release to resume play. The medical release must state clearly that the player can return to sports with no restrictions and must be given to one of the Board Directors, or the Head Coach of the team at the first game or practice in which the player has been cleared to play. No release = No play.


Policy: Players/families have two weeks from the stated due date to pay their bill. If at that time the bill is not paid, the player will be ineligible to practice or play in any games until the bill is paid. Any financial issues or concerns must be brought to the Board.

Spring Program Player

Policy: The spring season is dedicated to Depew Schools student/athletes. We will accept players from other schools if they meet the following criteria:
1. If they do not have a school based program.
2. If they have a school based program, and they were cut from participation.

All players from other districts will be reviewed by the Board for approval. Board approval will be based on:
1. The need of the Club at the level and position of the player.
2. Payment upfront.
3. Any other factors the Board feels is appropriate.

The Board reserves the right to accept or deny players from outside the Depew District during the spring season.

Mixed Competition

Policy: Equal opportunity to participate in club lacrosse competition, either on separate teams or in mixed competition on the same team, shall be provided to male and female prospective players by the Depew Lacrosse Club.

If a player has attained an appropriate level of physical maturity, and has a height and weight that are comparable to those of the proposed team members as determined by a medical doctor, they may proceed to the next level of skills assessment by the coach and/or director of the club. If the medical doctor does not clear the prospective player to participate in the desired sport and level, she/he may not proceed any further in the evaluation process.

Mixed competition between male and female athletes (specifically females on the male lacrosse team) shall conform to the following policy:


The fitness of given player to participate in mixed competition shall be determined by a review panel consisting of a physician of the parentís choice, a coach of the club program, and a director/president of the club. Such panel shall make its determination by majority vote of the members, and in accordance with standards and criteria identified.

This panel is responsible for determining the readiness of the player in terms of medical health, maturity, fitness and skill of the individual in relationship to other members of the team. The intent of the regulation is to match the playerís readiness with an appropriate placement, as well as to provide the prospective player with a successful competitive opportunity. When the physical abilities of the individual are deemed by the panel to be short of or exceed the physical abilities of other team members, thereby creating a hazardous condition or unfair advantage for that player or other members of the team, denial of participation would be appropriate.

Physician Approval
Physical Fitness Test Standards
Panel Approval
Parent Consent

*NOTE: This policy is consistent with the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) policy for mixed competition.

To be considered for mixed competition the following forms must be completed for evaluation:
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Please download forms, submit to family physician for approval then contact a Depew Lacrosse Club Director/Coach to start the evaluation process. Contact info can be found on the "Staff" page.

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