Our Mission

Honor the game.

Depew Lacrosse Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit group organized to provide an opportunity for youth in Depew to play lacrosse in their local area and to learn the fundamentals of the game while encouraging their growth as responsible young adults and citizens of the community.

Specifically, through our programs Depew Lacrosse Club strives to:

* Instill character in each participant by teaching basic values and life skills such as respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, effort, communication, and teamwork. We believe these principles constitute the foundation for success in life;

* Teach youth the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle;

* Introduce youth to caring adult role-models who realize that they significantly impact participants' futures;

* Provide high-quality, out-of-school programs; and

* Motivate youth to make the most of their current and future academic opportunities as well as any possible career prospects that the sport of lacrosse may offer.

This will be accomplished with a focused effort to provide organized lacrosse instruction, clinics, and local and regional lacrosse games.

Although we are not affiliated with the Depew Union Free School District, another goal is to collaborate with the schools to encourage development of a school sanctioned program.

Depew Lacrosse Club, Inc. 2010