Required Equipment
Shoulder Pads
Arm Pads
Mouth Guard

Optional Equipment
Rib Pads
Cup (Highly Recommended)

Lacrosse Stick Head Dimensions

* 2018 NEW Stick Head Dimensions: All stick heads (except for goalies) must meet the NCAA or Universal standards. The specific dimensions can be found here: CROSSE RULE

Pocket Rules

The pocket is illegal if the top surface of the lacrosse ball, when placed in the pocket, is below the bottom edge of the sidewall. The legal pocket is when the top of the ball is at least a bit above the bottom edge of the sidewall.

Where to Get Your Gear

Local Dealers

Dick's Sporting Goods: Equipment

Blue Bison Sports: Equipment

Buffalo Sports (3840 McKinley Pkwy, Blasdell, NY): New and Used Equipment

On-Line Sources

Click the lacrosse stick icon to visit each site.

Sport Stop: Equipment

Lacrosse Monkey: Equipment

Hickory Lacrosse: Wood Lacrosse Handles


If you want a custom color Depew helmet, please order through the club HERE.

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